The Arisen blockchain platform is much more than just a blockchain. Arisen was developed by the developers at Peeps as a decentralized data center platform for powering the decentralized applications available within the peerOS ecosystem. Arisen, like a centralized data center, is made up of computers - only the computers within Arisen's platform are not located within facilities or provided by central companies (i.e. Peeps). Instead, computers and their underlying resources that power the Arisen platform are provided to the platform and subsequently sold by people and companies around the world to developers who utilize the platform, in exchange for the platform's cryptographic currency known as RISE token (RIX). Thereby creating a decentralized data center that provides many decentralized computing resources (RAM, CPU and Bandwidth).

Developers who utilize Arisen to power their applications are able to integrate RIX into their applications as a decentralized form of payment and as a result, programmatically able to purchase the computing resources needed to run their application, from resource providers via Arisen's computing marketplace. Different from data centers that only provide infrastructure, Arisen's platform provides decentralized tools and functionality for developing decentralized applications, including accounts, authentication, vanity permission levels for accounts, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of application-based executions (actions) across multiple CPU cores and clusters.

These functionalities are also common in software development environments used for building centralized applications. Therefore, building decentralized and distributed applications on Arisen follows familiar development patterns, as well as programming languages that are used for developing centralized applications. For decentralized application developers, a familiar development environment ultimately results in a seamless user experience as it allows developers to use their preferred development tools. Arisen is designed for enterprise-grade use-cases, features one of the world's fastest per-second transaction speeds for processing program-based transactions and was built to ultimately support the largest possible decentralized application environments.

About Blockchain

A blockchain is a decentralized infrastructure software that is managed and controlled by those who use it. A blockchain can be utilized in a plethora of ways and can come in many shapes and sizes, although all of them share the common attributes of being decentralized, immutable, traceable and transparent. The transactions stored on a blockchain form the immutable history of the blockchain itself. A blockchain's history is transparent, meaning any transaction or change in a blockchain's history or state is traceable and auditable.

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