aos Troubleshooting

"Database dirty flag set (likely due to unclean shutdown): replay required"

aos needs to be shut down cleanly. To ensure this is done, send a SIGTERM, SIGQUIT or SIGINT and wait for the process to shutdown. Failing to do this will result in this error. If you get this error, your only recourse is to replay by starting aos with --replay-blockchain

"Memory does not match data" Error at Restart

If you get an error such as St9exception: content of memory does not match data expected by executable when trying to start aos, try restarting aos with one of the following options (you can use aos --help to get a full listing of these).

Command Line Options for arisen::chain_plugin:
    --fix-reversible-blocks               recovers reversible block database if 
                                          that database is in a bad state
    --force-all-checks                    do not skip any checks that can be 
                                          skipped while replaying irreversible 
    --replay-blockchain                   clear chain state database and replay 
                                          all blocks
    --hard-replay-blockchain              clear chain state database, recover as 
                                          many blocks as possible from the block 
                                          log, and then replay those blocks
    --delete-all-blocks                   clear chain state database and block 

"Could not grow database file to requested size." Error

Start aos with --shared-memory-size-mb 1024. A 1 GB shared memory file allows approximately half a million transactions.

What version of ARISEN am I running/connecting to?

If defaults can be used, then arisecli get info will output a block that contains a field called server_version. If your aos is not using the defaults, then you need to know the URL of the aos. In that case, use the following with your aos URL:

arisecli --url http://localhost:8888 get info

To focus only on the version line within the block:

arisecli --url http://localhost:8888 get info | grep server_version

Error 3070000: WASM Exception Error

if you try to deploy the arisen.bios contract or arisen.system contract in an attempt to boot an ARISEN-based blockchain and you get the following error or similar: Publishing contract... Error 3070000: WASM Exception Error Details: env.set_proposed_producers_ex unresolveable, it is because you have to activate the PREACTIVATE_FEATURE protocol first. More details about it and how to enable it can be found in the Bios Boot Sequence Tutorial. For more information, you may also visit the aos Upgrade Guides.