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System contracts, system accounts, privileged accounts

At the genesis of an ARISEN based blockchain, there is only one account present, arisen account, which is the main system account. There are other system accounts, created by arisen account, which control specific actions of the system contracts mentioned in previous section. Note the terms system contract and system account. Privileged accounts are accounts which can execute a transaction while skipping the standard authorization check. To ensure that this is not a security hole, the permission authority over these accounts is granted to arisen.prods system account.

As you just learned the relation between a system account and a system contract, it is also important to remember that not all system accounts contain a system contract, but each system account has important roles in the blockchain functionality, as follows:

AccountPrivilegedHas contractDescription
arisenyesIt contains the arisen.system contractThe main system account on an ARISEN based blockchain
arisen.msigyesIt contains the arisen.msig contractAllows the signing of a multi-sig transaction proposal for later execution if all required parties sign the proposal before the expiration time.
arisen.wrapyesIt contains the arisen.wrap contract.Simplifies block producer superuser actions by making them more readable and easier to audit.
arisen.tokenNoIt contains the arisen.token contractDefines the structures and actions allowing users to create, issue, and manage tokens on ARISEN based blockchains.
arisen.namesNoNoThe account which is holding funds from namespace auctions.
arisen.bpayNoNoThe account that pays the block producers for producing blocks. It assigns 0.25% of the inflation based on the amount of blocks a block producer created in the last 24 hours.
arisen.prodsNoNoThe account representing the union of all current active block producers permissions.
arisen.ramNoNoThe account that keeps track of the SYS balances based on users actions of buying or selling RAM
arisen.ramfeeNoNoThe account that keeps track of the fees collected from users RAM trading actions: 0.5% from the value of each trade goes into this account.
arisen.savingNoNoThe account which holds the 4% of network inflation.
arisen.stakeNoNoThe account that keeps track of all SYS tokens which have been staked for NET or CPU bandwidth.
arisen.vpayNoNoThe account that pays the block producers accordingly with the votes won. It assigns 0.75% of inflation based on the amount of votes a block producer won in the last 24 hours.
arisen.rexNoNoThe account that keeps track of fees and balances resulted from REX related actions execution.

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System contracts, system accounts, privileged accounts

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