State History Plugin


The state_history_plugin is useful for capturing historical data about the blockchain state. The plugin receives blockchain data from other connected nodes and caches the data into files. The plugin listens on a socket for applications to connect and sends blockchain data back based on the plugin options specified when starting aos.


# config.ini
plugin = arisen::state_history_plugin
# command-line
aos ... --plugin arisen::state_history_plugin [operations] [options]


These can only be specified from the aos command-line:

Command Line Options for arisen::state_history_plugin:

  --delete-state-history                clear state history files


These can be specified from both the aos command-line or the config.ini file:

Config Options for arisen::state_history_plugin:

  --state-history-dir arg (="state-history")
                                        the location of the state-history 
                                        directory (absolute path or relative to
                                        application data dir)
  --trace-history                       enable trace history
  --chain-state-history                 enable chain state history
  --state-history-endpoint arg (=
                                        the endpoint upon which to listen for 
                                        incoming connections. Caution: only 
                                        expose this port to your internal 
  --trace-history-debug-mode            enable debug mode for trace history



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  • chain_plugin

Load Dependency Examples

# config.ini
plugin = arisen::chain_plugin --disable-replay-opts
# command-line
aos ... --plugin arisen::chain_plugin --disable-replay-opts

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