Set Action


Sets or updates an action's state on the blockchain.


arisecli set action


Usage: arisecli set action [OPTIONS] SUBCOMMAND

  -h,--help                   Print this help message and exit

  permission                  set parmaters dealing with account permissions


account TEXT The account to set/delete a permission authority for (required

code Text The account that owns the code for the action

type Type the type of the action

requirement Type The permission name require for executing the given action


-h,--help Print this help message and exit

-x,--expiration Type:Text - set the time in seconds before a transaction expires, defaults to 30s

-f,--force-unique - force the transaction to be unique. this will consume extra bandwidth and remove any protections against accidently issuing the same transaction multiple times

-s,--skip-sign Specify if unlocked wallet keys should be used to sign transaction

-j,--json print result as json

-d,--dont-broadcast - Don't broadcast transaction to the network (just print to stdout)

--return-packed used in conjunction with --dont-broadcast to get the packed transaction

-r,--ref-block TEXT set the reference block num or block id used for TAPOS (Transaction as Proof-of-Stake)

-p,--permission Type:Text - An account and permission level to authorize, as in '[email protected]' (defaults to '[email protected]')

--max-cpu-usage-ms UINT - Set an upper limit on the milliseconds of cpu usage budget, for the execution of the transaction (defaults to 0 which means no limit)

--max-net-usage UINT - Set an upper limit on the net usage budget, in bytes, for the transaction (defaults to 0 which means no limit)

--delay-sec UINT - set the delay_sec seconds, defaults to 0s


#Link a `voteproducer` action to the 'voting' permissions
arisecli set action permission sandwichfarm arisen.system voteproducer voting -p [email protected]

#Now can execute the transaction with the previously set permissions. 
arisecli system voteproducer approve sandwichfarm someproducer -p [email protected]