Mongo Db Plugin


Deprecation Notice

The mongo_db_plugin is deprecated and will no longer be maintained. Please refer to the state_history_plugin and the history-tools for better options to archive blockchain data.


The optional arisen::mongo_db_plugin provides archiving of blockchain data into a MongoDB.
It is recommended that the plugin be added to a non-producing node as it is designed to
shut down on any failed insert into the MongoDB and it is resource intensive. For best results dedicate a aos instance to running this one plugin. The rationale behind thisshutdown on error is so that any issues with connectivity or the mongo database can be fixed and aos can be restarted without having to resync or replay.

Important Notes

  • Documents stored in mongo by mongo_db_plugin which contain empty field/struct names will be stored with the field/struct name of empty_field_name / empty_struct_name.

  • Action data is stored on chain as raw bytes. This plugin attempts to use associated ABI on accounts to deserialize the raw bytes into expanded abi_def form for storage into mongo. Note that invalid or missing ABI on a contract will result in the action data being stored as raw bytes. For example the ARISEN system contract does not provide ABI for the onblock action so it is stored as raw bytes.

  • The mongo_db_plugin does slow down replay/resync as the conversion of block data to JSON and insertion into MongoDB is resource intensive. The plugin does use a worker thread for processing the block data, but this does not help much when replaying/resyncing.


  • It is recommended that a large --abi-serializer-max-time-ms value be passed into the aos running the mongo_db_plugin as the default ABI serializer time limit is not large enough to serialize large blocks.

  • Read-only mode should be used to avoid speculative execution. See aos Read Modes. Forked data is still recorded (data that never becomes irreversible) but speculative transaction processing and signaling is avoided, minimizing the transaction_traces/action_traces stored.


These can be specified from both the command-line or the config.ini file:

-q [ --mongodb-queue-size ] arg (=256)
                                        The target queue size between nodeos
                                        and MongoDB plugin thread.
  --mongodb-abi-cache-size              The maximum size of the abi cache for
                                        serializing data.
  --mongodb-wipe                        Required with --replay-blockchain,
                                        --hard-replay-blockchain, or
                                        --delete-all-blocks to wipe mongo
                                        db.This option required to prevent
                                        accidental wipe of mongo db. 
                                        Defaults to false.
  --mongodb-block-start arg (=0)        If specified then only abi data pushed
                                        to mongodb until specified block is
  -m [ --mongodb-uri ] arg              MongoDB URI connection string, see:
                                        ce/connection-string/. If not specified
                                        then plugin is disabled. Default
                                        database 'EOS' is used if not specified
                                        in URI. Example: mongodb://
  --mongodb-update-via-block-num arg (=0)
                                        Update blocks/block_state with latest
                                        via block number so that duplicates are
  --mongodb-store-blocks                Enables storing blocks in mongodb.
                                        Defaults to true.
  --mongodb-store-block-states          Enables storing block state in mongodb.
                                        Defaults to true.
  --mongodb-store-transactions          Enables storing transactions in mongodb.
                                        Defaults to true.
  --mongodb-store-transaction-traces    Enables storing transaction traces in                                             mongodb.
                                        Defaults to true.
  --mongodb-store-action-traces         Enables storing action traces in mongodb.
                                        Defaults to true.
  --mongodb-filter-on                   Mongodb: Track actions which match
                                        receiver:action:actor. Actor may be blank
                                        to include all. Receiver and Action may
                                        not be blank. Default is * include
  --mongodb-filter-out                  Mongodb: Do not track actions which match
                                        receiver:action:actor. Action and Actor
                                        both blank excludes all from reciever.                                           Actor blank excludes all from
                                        reciever:action. Receiver may not be


  • --mongodb-store-* options all default to true.
  • --mongodb-filter-* options currently only applies to the action_traces collection.

Example Filters

mongodb-filter-out = arisen:onblock:
mongodb-filter-out = gu2tembqgage::
mongodb-filter-out = blocktwitter::



When the mongo_db_plugin is turned on, the target mongodb instance may take a lot of storage space. With all collections enabled and no filters applied, the mongodb data folder can easily occupy hundreds of GBs of data. It is recommended that you tailor the options and utilize the filters as you need in order to maximize storage efficiency.


  • accounts - created on applied transaction. Always updated even if mongodb-store-action-traces=false.

  • Currently limited to just name and ABI if contract abi on account

  • Mostly for internal use as the stored ABI is used to convert action data into JSON for storage as associated actions on contract are processed.

  • Invalid ABI on account will prevent conversion of action data into JSON for storage resulting in just the action data being stored as hex. For example, the original arisen.system contract did not provide ABI for the onblock action and therefore all onblock action data is stored as hex until the time onblock ABI is added to the arisen.system contract.

  • action_traces - created on applied transaction

  • receipt - action_trace action_receipt - see arisen::chain::action_receipt

  • trx_id - transaction id

  • act - action - see arisen::chain::action

  • elapsed - time in microseconds to execute action

  • console - console output of action. Always empty unless contracts-console = true option specified

  • block_states - created on accepted block

  • block_num

  • block_id

  • block_header_state - see arisen::chain::block_header_state

  • validated

  • in_current_chain

  • blocks - created on accepted block

  • block_num

  • block_id

  • block - signed block - see arisen::chain::signed_block

  • validated - added on irreversible block

  • in_current_chain - added on irreversible block

  • irreversible=true - added on irreversible block

  • transaction_traces - created on applied transaction

  • see chain::arisen::transaction_trace

  • transactions - created on accepted transaction - does not include inline actions

  • see arisen::chain::signed_transaction. In addition to signed_transaction data the following are also stored.

  • trx_id - transaction id

  • irreversible=true - added on irreversible block

  • block_id - added on irreversble block

  • block_num - added on irreversible block

  • signing_keys

  • accepted

  • implicit

  • scheduled

  • account_controls - created on applied transaction. Always updated even if mongodb-store-action-traces=false.

  • controlled_account

  • controlling_permission

  • controlling_account

The equivalent of /v1/history/get_controlled_acounts with mongo: db.account_controls.find({"controlling_account":"hellozhangyi"}).pretty()

  • pub_keys - created on applied transaction. Always updated even if mongodb-store-action-traces=false.
  • account
  • permission
  • public_key


The mongodb equivalent of /v1/history/get_key_accounts RPC API endpoint:



  • chain_plugin
  • history_plugin