How To Vote


Vote for a block producer

Before you begin

Install the currently supported version of arisecli
Ensure the reference system contracts from arisen.contracts repository is deployed and used to manage system resources
Understand the following:

What is a block producer
How does voting works
Unlock your wallet


Assume you are going to vote for blockproducer1 and blockproducer2 from an account called arisentestts2, execute the following:

arisecli system voteproducer prods arisentestts2 blockproducer1 blockproducer2

This should produce similar output as below:

executed transaction: 2d8b58f7387aef52a1746d7a22d304bbbe0304481d7751fc4a50b619df62676d  128 bytes  374 us
#         arisen <= arisen::voteproducer          {"voter":"arisentestts2","proxy":"","producers":["blockproducer1","blockproducer2"]}