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Welcome to Arisen's developer hub. This is the perfect place to learn how to develop websites and apps on the dWeb using the Arisen blockchain, as well as many of dWeb's off-chain services. You'll also find comprehensive guides on how to effortlessly develop apps and websites, using the languages you know and love. Let's get started!

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  • aos: The core service daemon that runs on every ARISEN node
    • arisecli: A command line interface to interact with the blockchain and manage wallets
    • awalletd : A key manager service daemon for storing private keys and signing digital messages
    • Arisen.CDT Contract Development Toolkit is a suite of tools used to build ARISEN
    • arisen.contracts: Smart contracts that provide some of the basic functions of
      the ARISEN blockchain
    • rixn-vm: RIX VM - A Low-Latency, High Performance and Extensible WebAssembly Engine

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