aos Plugins


Plugins extend the core functionality implemented in aos. Some plugins are mandatory, such as chain_plugin, net_plugin, and producer_plugin, which reflect the modular design of aos. The other plugins are optional as they provide nice to have features, but non-essential for the nodes operation.

For information on specific plugins, just select from the list below:

  • chain_api_plugin
  • chain_plugin
  • db_size_api_plugin
  • faucet_testnet_plugin
  • history_api_plugin
  • history_plugin
  • http_client_plugin
  • http_plugin
  • login_plugin
  • net_api_plugin
  • net_plugin
  • producer_plugin
  • state_history_plugin
  • test_control_api_plugin
  • test_control_plugin
  • trace_api_plugin
  • txn_test_gen_plugin


aos is modular

Plugins add incremental functionality to aos. Unlike runtime plugins, aos plugins are built at compile-time.