aos is the core service daemon that runs on every ARISEN node. It can be configured to process smart contracts, validate transactions, produce blocks containing valid transactions, and confirm blocks to record them on the blockchain


aos is distributed as part of the ARISEN software suite. To install nodeos, visit the ARISEN Software Installation section


Navigate the sections below to configure and use aos

  • Usage - Configuring and using aos, node setups/environments.
  • Plugins - Using plugins, plugin options, mandatory vs. optional.
  • Replays - Replaying the chain from a snapshot or a blocks.log file.
  • Logging - Logging config/usage, loggers, appenders, logging levels.
  • Upgrade Guides - ARISEN version/consensus upgrade guides.
  • Troubleshooting - Common aos troubleshooting questions.


Access Node

A local or remote ARISEN access node running nodeos is required for a client application or smart contract to interact with the blockchain.