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Publishing site, dDrive directory?

As soon as I create a dDrive, it is visible to anyone other than those I give my long dDrive address? If I want it to be found, is there a directory of these super long dDrive addresses or a forum for people to share sites they create on dDrive? Would the directory be like a block chain explorer that just filtered out all but "created" and "updated" dDrive events?

Short domain names, when?

How do I assign my long dDrive address to a short domain name? When will that be available? How can we help that become available sooner?

Delete and add new dDrive syncs faster, but bad idea?

I notice it is way faster after I've made a bunch of changes to my web site to just add a new dDrive and sync that. Doe this waste a bunch of resources somewhere, leaving orphaned dDrives around? Does having two dDrives pointing at the same local folder cause a problem?

Dedicated IP required?

Can I still share my web site with others if I don't have a dedicated IP?

Guide for Web Designers?

Is there a guide for people who are only here to make and share a no-cost decentralized web site and don't want to wade through a lot of the other great features? For example, you can make a stand alone web site that is viewable offline and then publish that folder. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work, but not audio embed, not PDF viewing inline, not PHP (or can it if installed on my local machine?) Can video I put on Odysee / LBRY be embedded?

Sync with Local Folder, what happens?

Are my local folder files copied to a local cache for sharing (taking up twice as much space on my computer as if I didn't sync?) Does each sync'd file get uploaded in full somewhere? If so, where? If the service is decentralized, I don't understand where my file goes when I have no peers but sync takes a long time. A large file, like a 135MB pdf seems to give a sync error. It seems like the way it SHOULD be done is that software determines the hash locally, never uploads the file, but publishes the new hashes. That seems like it should not cause problems with bandwidth. Thanks. Tons of questions but dBrowser has great potential, cool idea!

During "Sync with local folder", what does a yellow dot mean?

Green dot = sync worked, Red dot = failed (eg. file no longer exists in Local Folder), but what does a Yellow dot signify?

Peepsid &Dsocial setup trouble

I went through and registered an e-mail a username, e-mail address and phone number for the peeps/dsocial setup process however I don't know how I am supposed to log into/ launch it. I tried going through it a 2nd time it says the user id already exists, tried making another user id, it said the e-mail address is already used. tried a different e-mail address, it said the phone number is already used. Well, i don't have another one of those so now what do I do ?